lata vacía de aluminio aguanea

Although many of you may not already know, an empty aluminium can is valuable.

In struggling economies or developing countries it is common to see people collecting aluminium, even in landfills closest to their homes, so it’s clear that aluminium is a waste that has value.

Given its profitability and usefulness, an empty aluminium can has a value of between 1c and 2c, depending on the location. On the streets of Manhattan, there are communities that collect the cans from the wastebaskets of the streets, so they can directly sell them to recyclers.

We decided to take the test. We called several landfills, and with all of them, they offered to sell us a ton of used aluminium cans, so that we could then re-sell or recycle them.

Although it shows us that the containers do not always end up in the appropriate locations, it also shows us that aluminium, even if it’s not thrown away in the yellow recycling bins (which is what needs to be done), is such a valuable waste, that it rarely ends up not being recycled.