Natural Mineral Water NEA (Pack 24 units)


Would you like to stop using plastic bottles?

Water NEA provides a sustainable alternative to the million plastic bottles that open every minute in the world.

Water NEA comes in packs of 24 units, all our containers are BPA free and are manufactured with #infinitely recyclable aluminium, the most recyclable and recycled element in the world.

Discover a new way to drink water, #withoutplastics.
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* Price per pack of 24 units

Cantidad/Quantity/Quantité Precio/Price/Prix
1 - 4 18,95
5 - 9 15,95
10 - 19 12,95
20+ 10,95


Coming from the springs of Galea, from Siero, Asturias, Nea contains minerals that restore electrolyte balance for better blood circulation.

Due to the characteristics of its packaging, 100% high quality aluminium is one of the few containers on the market completely free of Bisphenol A (BPA). It also does not transmit any smell or taste into the water.

Because of its dimensions, it is very easy to store and transport, it is a completely watertight and opaque container, so it keeps the content constantly protected.

It cools faster than other formats and is very simple and cost effective to recycle. Find out more about why aluminium is better than plastic.

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Bicarbonates: 194
Calcium: 51.2
Chlorides: 16
Magnesium: 13.3
Silica: 12
Sulfates: 11.2
Sodium: 8.5