cómo se recicla el aluminio

Ready for even more exciting facts about aluminium ?

One of the most common questions we are asked is – “How is aluminium recycled?”

If there is one thing that characterises aluminium that would be it is the cheapest and easiest material to recycle.

The process of extracting aluminium – despite being one of the most abundant natural elements on planet earth – is quite expensive, and therefore recycling is very cost-effective.

Nearly all the aluminium produced since 1970 is still in use, as it can be reused over and over again for things that have great durability, such as aircraft parts.

Okay, so the ease of recycling is preceded only by the ease of separation…
But, how is aluminium actually recycled?

Although there are hundreds of different types of plastics they are very different from each other and very difficult to differentiate and separate from other waste; however, in the case of aluminium, simply by applying a magnet in a recycling plant, you can easily separate the aluminium from the rest of the waste.

If you would like to, you can find more information here.

Given its profitability and usefulness, an empty aluminium can has a value of between 1c and 2c, depending on the location. On the streets of Manhattan, there are communities that collect the cans from the wastebaskets of the streets, so they can directly sell them to recyclers.

Some earn up to 300 USD a day by collecting empty aluminium cans. In our article, Do you know how much an empty can is worth? You can find more information on this topic.

And you? Do you recycle your aluminium cans?