We are often asked the question of why aluminium is better than plastic.

Well, the “best” option will of course always be to use containers that are reusable, that is, our own stainless steel or sustainable bottles. This is especially important now, as one of our greatest social issues is our overconsumption.

But in this busy world, there is a need to have an “on the go” container. And yes, on these occasions, aluminium is superior to plastic in every way.

Recycling. Waste treatment.

So, here’s where the fun facts come in…

Aluminium is basically the easiest and most exciting material to recycle.
Why exactly ?
Well, It is separated from the rest of the waste with a simple magnet.

Yep, think of a giant horseshoe shaped magnet sweeping over a mountain of rubbish and by using the force, it extracts all of the humble but amazing aluminium cans and takes them away to be reused infinitely !

Despite being one of the most abundant natural elements on earth, aluminium is a very expensive element to produce (extracted from bauxite), therefore, recycling is very profitable.

With plastic, given the quantity and scale at which it is produced, and how cheap is it to manufacture, it is even more profitable to produce new than to simply pick up the old one. Let’s not even talk about recycling.

In addition, plastic degrades in its recycling process, losing properties, and qualities. Aluminium can be recycled infinitely, without losing properties. From an aluminium can, another can may be produced, infinitely. This is why we say that it is: #infinitely recyclable

Environmental impact.

Most of us yearns to have a clean healthy planet where there are no longer containers degrading in a dump, or at the bottom of the sea. But interesting fact – when aluminium oxidizes, it becomes dust particles.

But plastic, on the other hand, is photodegraded, which means that with the impact of sunlight it is divided into smaller and smaller particles. These microplastics are then ingested by marine life, humans, and now recently we have discovered they are even in the air we breathe.

This is why scientist estimate that each of us ingests a credit card of plastic every two weeks.

So, want to stop using plastic yet ?