qué es el bpa

You have most likely read or heard the acronym BPA more than a few times and yet you might not even know what it is. That is why it’s important to explain what BPA is and why we avoid it in our packaging.

All food or beverage containers must have a film-like coating, in order to keep the organic matter from coming into direct contact with the metal.

Aluminium containers – for both drinks and food – have always carried this layer, made of BPA (or Bisphenol A). It is also known as e-poxy resin, a plastic polymer widely used in different industries.

Several years ago, studies were published revealing that Bisphenol could be a direct cause of endocrine disorders and cancer, as a result it was banned from elements that came into direct contact with the consumer. For example, toys for children could definitely not be produced with this.

Although in aluminium cans the consumer never comes into contact with the interior coating of the can (its use is validated by the OMS), at Water NEA, we decided to be the first watermark to package our products without BPA, and therefore be 100% #plasticfreewater.