no es bueno beber agua de botellas de plástico

Yes, surely we all do it, but it’s important to explain why it is not good to drink water from plastic bottles.

As we briefly explained in the section, Is aluminium better than plastic?, plastic is an element that photo-degrades.

That means that it is divided into smaller and smaller parts every time it comes into contact with light.

Have you ever left a bottle of water in the car or near a window, and the next day, when drinking it, have you noticed that it has the taste of plastic?

Well, it’s not that the water has this flavour – it’s because it already contains microplastic particles that have shed off the container and have become part of the water itself, and you are consuming them.

In many logistics, transportation, and storage facilities, water pallets and containers are not always maintained in places where light does not come into contact with them.

From the time a plastic bottle leaves a factory, it passes through 5 or 10 hands, before it reaches the consumer. Are we sure that in all these logistics and storage processes it has been in the dark? Do we want to take this chance?