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So, do we believe we’re the solution to plastics?

No. The truth is, no.

Neither is plastic in itself the main problem.

The real problem is the way we have become accustomed to consuming it.

Plastic is one of the best inventions of the 21st century. Thanks to its creation, industries such as transport and medicine have been able to make huge qualitative leaps, and every day small elements made of plastic save millions of lives around the world.

However, perhaps out of convenience, or maybe just laziness, we have become accustomed to using plastic elements for single use in our daily lives, in order to meet needs which only last a few minutes.

We use cups, bottles or straws for a few minutes, without realizing that these objects take hundreds, and even thousands of years to disappear. That bottle that you bought and drank in 2 minutes will be on the planet for more time than your grandchildren and even your great grandchildren.

Therefore, the real solution to the plastic problem is the non-consumption. If you have the opportunity to have your own bottle, or to consume water from an inexhaustible source, that is the real solution. Responsible consumption. Avoid the unnecessary.

If you do not have any alternative, and you need to consume a single-use container, choose the best alternative.

Choose something that is #infinitely recyclable.

And above all be careful, and choose water #withoutplastics